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Dr. Rashid Mfaume 

Dr.Rashid S. Mfaume (MD, MPH, MBA)

Rashid S. Mfaume (MD, MPH, MBA) is the Dar es Salaam Regional Medical Officer and currently a Member of Board of Trustees of the Muhimbili National Hospital for 2 Consecutive terms. He is a Public Health Specialist with an additional skills on Business administration as well as Leadership and Governance with 18 years’ experience of working in the field.

He has been in a position of District Medical Officer for 12 years and 6 years’ experience as a Regional Medical Officer Having a back ground in both Medicine, Public Health and Business Management training, he has managed to work in Tanzania health sector in various levels. His experience started as a Primary Health Care Health Manager as a District Medical Officer under Korogwe District council and a Municipal Medical Officer of Health under Tabora Municipal Council for a cumulative period of 16 years.

As a District Medical Officer, he managed to execute various tasks including Management functions as a District health Manager including successful timely and quality Comprehensive Council health Planning and reporting, Quality supportive supervision on various Health interventions, Networking with other Districts and stakeholders including non-governmental Organization, Strengthening in the Improvement of key Performance indicators in leadership and Governance, Health care financing, Health Management information system, Health commodities supply Chain management systems and Quality Service delivery, Successful supervision of Primary health care construction and rehabilitation Projects like Joint Rehabilitation fund projects(JRF, Global fund Projects and IP Implemented Projects). In the area of RMNCH he has greatly contributed to the Reduction of Maternal and newborn Mortality and Morbidity and improvement of RMNCH Key performance indicators, Improvement in the performance of HIV Prevention, Care and treatment and HIV Support services, communicable and non-communicable performance indicators. He participated in Malaria vaccine trial in NIMR Centre(Tanga/Korogwe Centre) and Malaria Researches and other research.

For the past Six(6) years, he has been working/serving as a Regional medical Officer in two different regions consecutively including Dar es salaam which is the most developed business area and highly populated Region in the entire country. Dar es Salaam is a rapidly growing Region with increasing Urban Poor Populations. The Other Region working as a Regional Medical Officer was Shinyanga Region.

He has been actively participating and playing and Advisory role in Regional and Local Government Strategic and annual planning and Reporting, Dissemination of Policies, Regulations, Guidelines and Circulars, Creating an appropriate environment for private sector, Coordination of Health, Social Welfare and Nutrition Services in the region, Supporting the Management of Human Resources for Health, Social Welfare and Nutrition Services, Ensuring provision of quality services in the Region, Facilitation of emergency and disaster preparedness and response, Link the Tertiary Level Hospitals, Zonal Referral with the Regional and Local Government Authorities, Enhancing the Regional Referral Hospital Health management capacity, Develop inter-regional networking, Conduct Supportive Supervision to Hospitals and the Council Health Management Teams and Enhancing Data Management and Operational Research and Resource Mobilization

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